Plastic Surgery

Michele Pascali MD, PhD


Internationally renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Michele Pascali, is one of the world’s leading experts in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Point of reference for colleagues from all over the world, it organizes prestigious surgical training courses and master classes with internationally renowned guests.

He is known for his original and advanced approach in facial rejuvenation surgery and in particular in face lifting,mid-face lifting and rejuvenation of the periorbital region, using his most innovative techniques published in prestigious international journals in the field. He is also considered one of the leading experts in revision or secondary surgery, which has been increasingly in demand in recent years and which represents a daily challenge even for the most skilled surgeons.

Dr. Michele Pascali is the author and co-author of numerous scientific articles published in prestigious journals such as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS),  Aesthetic  Plastic  Surgery  and  Facial  Plastic  Surgery. Invited to the most important national and international congresses as a speaker and relator.


It’s not just a matter of Beauty

“The real plastic surgeon is not only the one who makes people more beautiful, he is the one who makes them exactly as they would like to be.” (Prof. Michele Pascali)